Meet Kennith “KJ”

Gratitude for my services comes in the form of Hugs, Smiles and Excitement from my clients. Why?

I’d like to think it’s because they enjoy my company and/or that I share the same passions as they do when it comes to protecting their family and hard earned assets. More likely it’s due to my services helping them save money, find peace of mind for the unknown or because I helped give them financial relief in the form of cash when they needed it most. Whatever the reason my business has found great success in all of these areas and more.

About Me:

Originally from Florida, 20+ years ago almost straight out college I went to work in a family owned Insurance agency with my Aunt. Although my late Aunt, My late Grandpa and even my Mother were all in the insurance business at some point, it was not my original ambition in life. I wanted to be an Architect. Actually to elaborate, I wanted to be a “Master Aquatic Engineer and Architect”. In other words, I wanted to Design and Build underwater structures. That career would have been incredible and would have taken me to most exotic destinations all around the world. Sounds awesome, right?

Well guess what? I found out I couldn’t hold my breath long enough. Ha Ha! Not to mention that path would have turned me in to a career student, which really didn’t suit me anyway. Instead I focused on building a family and career. Years later… I’m still concerned with Designing and Building but now it’s not underwater structures. Even more rewarding, I design and build financial protection plans in the form of all types of insurance for individuals, families and business alike. I guess in a weird sense I became an Insurance Architect. How funny. Never the less my tagline “Passionate about Protection” is more than a slogan it is personal characteristic of mine that represents the Christian principals, professionalism and compassion I offer to my clients.


As an independent business owner and insurance professional, I actually pride myself on not being the average insurance agent. It starts with the fact that I represent and work with the best insurance icon ever, the one and only Aflac Duck!

I love confidently telling my clients about how Aflac is positioned to be a great asset for families and business owners in the wake of health insurance uncertainty. With a few statements, I can truly testify that Aflac is so much more than the funny screaming duck we see in commercials…

• Aflac is known and loved by millions as the original supplemental health company that pays cash direct to its policyholders instead of the doctors and hospitals.

• Aflac’s products are more important than ever and have become the life blood to families seeking financial protection for the gaps left by Health Insurance.

• Aflac is proven reliable source of income when it comes to helping make you whole after a serious injury or illness.

Outside of these facts:

On a daily basis, I file claims and show business owners how reduce their cost, protect their employee’s financial well-being and meet the Health Care Reform challenges head-on. Let’s face it, our health insurance is paying less and asking us to pay more. Not to mention leaving us out in the cold for out of pocket daily expenses if we get sick or injured. These are the reasons why Aflac has become such an instrumental part of my business.